Visiting the quintessentially English village of Bibury

My ideal trip to the English countryside would have been on a bright, cloudless day with spring in full bloom, but temperamental English weather teases with its unpredictability and doesn’t always coincide with bank holidays. So this Easter break, we packed up and headed to the Cotswolds anyway, even though varieties of trees were still visibly weeks away from sprouting leaves and showers had shown up in the forecast.

Having said that, late April is obviously not without its own unique brand of beauty. With tiny budding leaves on trees, wooded areas in the Cotswolds look like a pointillist watercolour painting; along the way to our hotel, we managed to see stunning rapeseed fields in the middle of the rolling hills, giant tulips, bluebells in the forest, and sheep feeding baby lambs.

If you only have a day to spend in the Cotswolds, village-hopping may be too ambitious; instead, try spending a day or night in one place. Bibury, a picturesque little stop, has been called the most beautiful village in England by William Morris, so I’d recommend making it a priority destination. Go walking along its streets and whatever you do, don’t miss elfin Arlington Row, a street of medieval houses dating back to 1380.

The houses of Arlington Row, Bibury 



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